October 8, 2019
District presents a united front to battle bullying
Article by Mike Marsee - The Montgomery County schools [KY] are putting a priority on bullying prevention without putting a burden on their teachers. Montgomery County is implementing the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program in all of its schools, adding to the growing roster of schools that are using the program with support from the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE).
March 14, 2019
OBPP is featured in the Clemson World Research Magazine

Orefield Middle School in Pennsylvania adds a new mural to a wall in the school each year. The visual theme changes, but the featured words — respect, compassion, courage, welcoming — largely stay the same.

Whether it’s Scrabble-themed or made up of student signatures, the wall showcases concepts and virtues that can have a marked effect on bullying behavior in schools.

Administrators and teachers know that communicating these concepts should not stop at displaying the desired behavior on a wall. According to Matthew Carlson, school psychologist at Orefield, it takes a whole-school approach that addresses both school culture and bullying behavior.