Why Yozgoo?

Yozgoo Bullying Prevention Game

Helping Prevent Bullying at Your School

  • Meet Yoz from the planet Yizzle; he's come to help your school!
  • Learn strategies to help identify and manage bullying.
  • Help other students at your school.
  • Navigate fun secret mazes and challenges.
  • Score as many points as possible; get the high score in your class!

Learning through Play

Yozgoo lets the student/player build a character and play to learn how to identify bullying, manage bullying behavior, use best practices in bullying situations and much more. The student/player is immersed in a story-driven fictitious world designed to simulate common bullying problems students face every day. This world is a safe and friendly world which is stylized in a kid-friendly theme.

Designed for grades 3rd-7th

While players of all ages will have fun playing Yozgoo, instructional content is designed for students in 3rd-7th grade.

Developed by experts in the field

Yozgoo was created through a collaborative between the Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life at Clemson University and Gamify, LLC. It is based on world renowned peer reviewed scholarly research on comprehensive bullying prevention.

Performance Report

A quantifiable performance report to show the number of students who participated and successfully completed the game is available upon request.