Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I get started with Yozgoo?

After purchasing Yozgoo, the account manager will receive an email with step-by-step instructions for getting started. Support is also available to walk you through the registration process via email or by Zoom.

2. What should I do if the Yozgoo.org website is blocked?

School districts may have firewalls that block access to unknown websites. Check your firewalls and contact your IT department to request access to the Yozgoo.org site.

3. How does this game support bullying prevention at our school?

Friendly alien, Yoz, and the Yozgoo characters explore a host of essential information children and adults need. Student players learn how to identify bullying behaviors, the various roles people play in bullying situations, and safe and appropriate ways to respond when they see, hear, or learn about possible bullying situations. All of this learning takes place in the context of fun, engaging game-play!

4. Can Yozgoo be played on a phone?

Yozgoo is designed to be played on tablets, laptops, desktops and Chromebooks of all types. Phones are not supported.

5. Do I have to buy a book to play Yozgoo?

No, all the learning material is presented in the game.

6. How much time is needed to play the game?

Playing the entire Yozgoo game takes between 4 and 8 hours, depending on grade and reading level of the player. It also varies by how much the player wishes to explore and uncover hidden items and earn badges. Game play may be broken into smaller segments, and players can save their progress to return to play anytime.

7. Can teachers bring Yozgoo discussions into the classroom?

Absolutely; a great idea. Relevant classroom discussions are a best practice in bullying prevention and social and emotional learning. Discussions can generate knowledge-building and enthusiasm about enhancing the classroom bullying prevention culture.

8. Are there talking points available for teachers who want to follow-up Yozgoo game-play with class discussion?

Yes! A Yozgoo Discussion Guide with suggested discussion topics and talking points is available for teachers to download.

9. Are there resources to help fund Yozgoo for my school?

Yes! Use this Funding Toolkit to assist with your funding efforts.